Why is Vintage Jewelry an Investment?

Jewelry lasts, and with time, it only becomes more valuable. For many, vintage jewelry pieces are the relics of the bygone era, a piece of history that will live on forever unlike the latest trends which come and go. With all their factors considered vintage jewelry by its nature holds more importance and value than brand new jewelry.

However, simply buying any kind of old jewelry does not make a good investment. Take into account the following points before going forward to invest in vintage jewelry to get the best possible returns.


Vintage Diamond Cluster Ring

Differentiating between vintage and antique

Vintage jewelry is generally the pieces that were made 20 to 100 years ago. Antique jewelry, on the other hand, the pieces date back to over a century or more. The cost is usually determined by the time period the piece was made.

Designer labels

With jewelry of any age, having a famous designer’s engravings on a vintage piece exponentially increases its value. The jewelry pieces had the signatures of their designers in places that weren't immediately apparent. Some used barely visible motifs or maker’s marks as the only indicators of their uniqueness.

It is crucial that you get an expert to thoroughly examine vintage jewelry for labels that might be in hidden places.

Gold Evaluation

Gold has long been valuable, investing in gold vintage jewelry is not a bad idea after all. Selling jewelry pieces for their gold is much simpler rather than selling the same piece for overall quality. It all comes down to the purity of the gold used in the making of the jewelry pieces. If the piece is damaged or broken it can still fetch a hefty price, as the gold content matters when the pieces are scrapped.

Gemstone Evaluation

Some gemstones have such high value that they are removed from some aged jewelry and set into new ones. This makes some pieces vintage that have original gemstones rarer and all the way more valuable.

In diamonds the 4Cs: color, cut, clarity and carat along with the size are needed to be considered. Diamonds remain to be the most sought after gemstones. The other precious gemstones like Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald can boost up the price of the jewelry as long as they have been maintained properly. If the stone is cracked which is common in vintage jewelry pieces, one can haggle for a lesser price! Therefore, we would always suggest you to buy pieces which are in top condition.

Establishing Authenticity

The unfortunate reality of buying vintage jewelry is that not every piece is actually authentic. Most of the time it can be a situation of counterfeit stones that are set in old pieces, or the piece can totally be a copy of the original. It can also be that the whole piece was newly made and hence been treated to look vintage. If one is not familiar with the defining characteristics of jewelry across the ages or you don’t have an expert around to tell what’s genuine from fake, you are at risk of being duped by scammers.

It is of utmost importance that you only visit a certified jeweller or a trusted auction house if you plan to invest in antique jewelry.

Buy the best your budget can afford

Before buying a vintage jewelry piece one should primarily focus on design, the craftsmanship, wearability and price. Having a signed piece is always nice but they come at a hefty price. Research well, compare the prices with the pieces that have been sold earlier in the auctions. There are websites which are very informative and let you evaluate not only the price but also assess its future value trajectory.


Vintage Midnight Blue Sapphire & Diamond Montreux Ring


That being said, vintage jewelry is about reminiscing the past and its charm. Check out our favorite pieces from our vintage collection.

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