This Is Why You Need Fluorite In Your Life

If you're not the type to be super familiar with different types of crystals and gemstones, fluorite is one you may have never heard of before. Fluorite is a gorgeous multi hued gemstone and is an especially popular crystal that is used for its healing properties. It is used by many energy healers because of its ability to cleanse the aura by removing impurities. Fluorite has also been known to absorb and neutralize negative energy while also removing impurities from its surroundings. 

Fluorite itself is colorless but impurities found in the stone are what give it its magnificent color. Most people are familiar with rainbow fluorite, which is a mix of purple and green impurities, though the crystal can actually come in brown, yellow, purple, green, and blue. Because Fluorite holds onto and absorbs negative energies, it is important to "cleanse" the stone of impurities periodically. You can do this a few different ways, but we like laying them out overnight around the time of a full moon to let them cleanse and recharge. 


We truly believe that rather than just letting a crystal lifelessly sit out on your desk or up on a shelf, wearing it will bring it life and possibly a deeper connection to its healing powers.If you're looking to eliminates unproductive or negative thinking and improve spiritual balance, incorporating fluorite into your daily routine (or accessories collection) is something easy you can do to realign your chakras and improve your overall wellbeing! 

Here are our favorite fluorite pieces if, like us, you decide you can't live without some negative energy crushing accessories in your life. 


 Fluorite & Topaz Cascading Dream Ring

10kt Fluorite & Topaz Cascading Dream Ring, $480.


Fluorite Baguette Pendant

14kt Fluorite Baguette Pendant, $290. 


Vintage Inspired Fluorite Pendant

Vintage Inspired Fluorite Pendant, $130.


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