How to use our Jewelry Travel Cases (because everyone needs one of these!)

How to Best Use Our Jewelry Travel Cases
Whether you’re in a rush and need a quick jewelry change or attending a planned event, the travel case is the perfect tool to carry your jewelry. Our suede travel case provides a stylish and portable design perfect for any jewelry pieces.
*VACATIONS* With our sleek design, the travel case won’t take up much space in your luggage. Use it to keep your jewelry secure and safe, even when the items in your suitcase shift!
*WORK TRIPS* In need of a jewelry change to keep you looking professional? Sometimes our casual, everyday jewelry doesn’t cut it for a work trip. Use our travel case to keep backups and jewelry you would wear for different occasions!

*WEEKEND GETAWAY* It is best to keep your jewelry safe and concealed, even during a short vacation getaway. Our travel case fits perfect in a purse or bag, so you can carry your jewelry around in occasions where you don’t want to wear it out!
*GYM OR ERRANDS* Wearing your jewelry to the gym or on certain errands may not always be ideal. But when you have a busy and rushed day, you don’t always have time to retrieve or leave your jewelry at home. Our travel case is a quick and easy way to ensure you have your jewelry in a safe place when you take it off and have it available when you need it!
What to Put Inside the Travel Case???
1. Rings - Keep all your rings in order using cushion dividers!
2. Necklaces and bracelets  - Our adjustable hooks make it easy to hook and wrap bracelets and necklaces to keep it tangle-free!
3. Earrings- Use the adjustable storage compartments to keep earrings or bigger jewelry of any size!
Purchase our Jewelry Travel Case $40 OR splurge a little and get our SURPRISE JEWELRY TRAVEL CASE $110 (that includes our travel case and 3 pieces of surprise jewelry!!) 

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