Customer Care and Repair Policy

Customer Care

LA KAISER jewelry is very delicate as each piece is made by hand. Please take note of the following guidelines for handling your LA KAISER jewelry pieces so you may be able to preserve their original quality and enjoy them for many years to come. 

- Jewelry consisting of 18kt gold vermeil is 18kt gold on .925 sterling silver. These pieces should be kept in the suede pouch or in an airtight jewelry box. The gold plating is sensitive to cleaning and may only be polished with a soft DRY cloth. DO NOT use a silver polishing cloth.  If your jewelry has a water spot then you should spray a little Windex on a soft cloth and wipe the spot. You may lightly use a gold polishing cloth if there is severe tarnishing, but intense or repeated use will ruin the gold surface, so take caution when doing this. 

- Put your jewelry on last to avoid any contact with hairsprays, perfumes or lotions. Take your jewelry off first, before your clothing to avoid any snagging or damage. Never sleep, bathe or swim with your jewelry. 

- Each item of fine (14kt solid gold) LA KAISER jewelry comes with a suede pouch which has anti-tarnish properties that we highly recommend you use to store your jewelry in at all times when not in use, as it will help to slow down the natural tarnishing process. Pieces of jewelry that are not fine jewelry, but gold vermeil, will come in a lovely little jewelry box, which we recommend you keep your pieces in when not in use. 

- After each wear, wipe the metal surface gently down with the suede pouch or a soft cloth and store it inside the pouch, in a location that is away from direct sunlight, moisture, air conditioning and heat. 

- Jewelry with gemstones and pearls should only be wiped very gently with a damp cloth as they are unable to withstand cleaning agents, polishing cloths and ultrasonic cleaners. Gemstones are porous and as a result of this they are able to absorb anything. It is important to avoid any direct contact with water, chemical liquids, perspiration, lotions, detergents and perfume.  These pieces should also be kept DRY at all times during wear and should be stored away in a cool dry place in their suede pouch. Gemstones can also scratch, chip or break if dropped, so be careful when taking on and off pieces with gemstones. 

- Sterling Silver is a  malleable (soft) metal, therefore it is very important to be gentle with these pieces, especially earring posts and clasps as they could bend or break under force. Pieces should be stored in the suede pouch or an airtight box and kept in a cool dry place to avoid premature tarnishing. These pieces can be cleaned easily with a silver polishing cloth.  

-Jewelry consisting of plated metals should be wiped gently with a polishing cloth or with the suede pouch and should be kept in a cool dry place. Excessive or frequent polishing is NOT recommended, as this will cause the plating to fade away. 


Repair Policy

Our 18kt gold vermeil pieces come with a 3 month warranty— within this time period, if your item loses a stone or becomes damaged by reasons other than user error, we will offer one complimentary replacement so long as the item is in stock. After this time period, we are not responsible for wear and tear that occurs to the piece. You will also be responsible for shipping fees. Our 14kt solid gold pieces are covered by a 1 year warranty and free repairs within this warranty period. If the item is out of warranty, the customer is responsible for any and all shipping and repair charges. These charges largely depend on the type of damage that occurs. Please reach out to with your order number and a photo of the damaged item to receive a quote for the repair. 


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