The Summer Studs We Can't Stop Wearing

The carefree days of summer are here and so are our new studs! When we say you need them, we mean you probably will need more than one pair because like us, you won't be able to pick a favorite.  

These studs are quality without breaking the bank, making them perfect for days by the pool, the patio, or the rooftop. Their delicate size makes them perfect for layering while their similar designs and aesthetic make them perfect for mixing and matching. 

In the mood to wear a rainbow with an elephant? We encourage it! Only have time to throw on a single shell before running out the door? Yes. Do it. They're fun, carefree, and effortless - exactly what you're looking for in literally everything right now.  


 Diamond Daisy Studs

10kt Diamond Daisy Studs, $280.  

With their super modern design and fun, floral aesthetic, these Diamond Daisy studs are a summer staple! They are made with solid 10kt gold and natural white diamonds, making them delicate yet durable and incredibly versatile. We particularly love their minimally constructed petals giving an updated look to a traditional floral stud.  


Delicious Monstera Studs

10kt Delicious Monstera Studs, $155. 

The simplicity and super modern design of these studs are what make them so desirable. With clean lines an minimal detail, these 10kt gold studs are the earrings you effortlessly wear to brunch, the beach, and the swim up bar. If you don't have the green thumb for an actual Monstera, we made these for you. 


Dainty Daisy Studs

10kt Dainty Daisy Studs, $150. 

With a very different design from the previous daisy studs, these delicate florals are whimsical and feminine and waiting to be worn with your favorite sundress. Their dainty stems give them a little extra length and make them the perfect shape for layering with other studs. They remind us of a field of white daisies - and we like that. 


Diamond Rainbow Studs

9kt Diamond Rainbow Studs, $210. 

Rainbows are happy and so is summer, making these studs extremely appropriate for every warm weather occasion. Their simplistic design and delicate row of natural diamonds make them extremely versatile to wear with any look and to pair with any other studs.  


Opal & Diamond Deux Studs

10kt Opal & Diamond Deux Studs, $148.

We're loving these colorful opal drops elegantly topped with natural white diamonds. Their iridescent shine shows different colors depending on the light, making them a unique summer staple. Wear them poolside right into date-night with one less thing to think about.   


Pearl & Diamond Deux Studs

10kt Pearl & Diamond Deux Studs, $135.

These super sleek studs are a modern spin on a more traditional combination of gemstones. The elegance of the natural pearl delicately topped with a tiny white diamond make these studs a match made in warm weather heaven. Because of the versatility of both gemstones, these earrings are perfect to pair with any other stud or hoop with any assortment of stones! 


Diamond Shooting Star Studs

10kt Diamond Shooting Star Studs, $265.

Tiny shooting stars with a tiny bit of sparkle! These beauties are solid 10kt gold with natural white diamonds and can dress up any summer look. Wear them in the evening under the stars or anytime you need a little extra sparkle.


Emerald & Sapphire Sunflower Studs

10kt Emerald & Sapphire Sunflower Studs, $320.  

Since we will never, ever be over emeralds, these sunflower studs are the perfect pop of color for a fun summer look. Their white sapphire petals give them an elevated elegance that perfectly compliments their center stone and even the most basic of outfits. Wear them to a wedding, on a date, or to the office on a day when you'd rather be at the beach. 


Meow Studs


9kt Meow Studs, $105.

These cutesy cat studs are another simplistic and modern option for effortless accessorizing. Because they're comprised of nothing but 9kt gold, they're extremely versatile and can be worn with everything from a printed floral dress to a black bikini. Whether you're constantly in a fierce feline mood or are simply just a cat person, these studs are the perfect addition to your studs collection. 


Baby Ellie Studs

9kt Baby Ellie Studs, $105.

These adorable elephant studs are shiny and tiny and we can't get enough of how cute they are! We're unsure of anyone who wouldn't want a pair or baby elephants on their ears, which makes these studs perfect for any and all occasions. Bonus points if you pair them with an animal print outfit because we think it'd be the perfect ensemble. 


Diamond Paw Print Studs

9kt Diamond Paw Print Studs, $190.

These studs represent dogs splashing around in a play pool and playing ball in the warm summer sun and everything else that's right in the world. We love their partially filled in design complimented by a handful of natural diamonds, making them a unique look from the traditional paw print. If you like dogs you most likely (definitely) need them. 


Opal Shell Studs

10kt Opal Shell Studs, $320. 

These summer shells have us thinking of the beach and that alone makes them the perfect studs for warmer weather. Their colorful Australian opals mimic the colors of the ocean, the sand, and the sunset all in one while their overall design gives them a modern spin on the traditional shell. These studs are the only accessory your swimsuit needs, not counting a summer cocktail hand. 



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