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The Low-Down on Mother of Pearl

This summer we're loving everything mother of pearl!

Its white luster makes it perfect for pairing with any color palette and it looks particularly elegant contrasted against gold metals. Because of this, we incorporated a lot of it into our latest summer collection! It even has healing properties that we are in some serious need of.  


What is Mother of Pearl? 

It's comprised of a calcium carbonate substance called nacre formed inside of a mollusk. It is rather strong and iridescent, revealing different wavelengths of light at different viewing angles. The thicker the layer of nacre, the more impressive the luster!

Mother of Pearl Sun and Moon Studs, $95


Pearl vs Mother of Pearl 

Mother of pearl is formed on the inner linings of the mollusk's shell to protect its soft interior. Mother of pearl can be found in a variety of shapes as it forms organically along the inside of the shell. 

A pearl is formed when a foreign object, such as a grain of sand, is encased by the mollusk. To protect itself, the object is then covered in nacre by the mollusk in a spherical shape, resulting in a round shaped pearl.

Mother Of Pearl Sunshine Ring, $110. 

Diamond Of My Heart Ring, $92.  


Mother of Pearl Healing Properties 

Because of its organic and natural process of creation, mother of pearl is known to have the gentle healing properties of the ocean. Much like the ocean, mother of pearl is also known as a stress relieving mineral that promotes relaxation and tranquility. In need of some self-soothing? Look no further. 

10kt Mother of Pearl and Diamond Butterfly Studs, $230


Eco Friendly Pearl Farming 

Much like how sustainable farming is on the rise in the US, sustainable pearl harvesting is on the rise around the world as well. Family farmers are pioneering many eco-friendly techniques and adhering to strict levels of sustainable farming. Sustainable pearl farms can actual serve as protected environments for fish and coral reefs and improve the overall surrounding ecosystem. 

Mother Of Pearl and Diamond Galaxy Ring, $92.

Mother Of Pearl Sunshine Ring, $110.  

Diamond Of My Heart Ring, $92. 


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