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Summertime Stacking!

Annnnnd it's May... we had one 80 degree day! Woohoo! You've purchased three maxi dresses already, found the biggest hoops imaginable; its basically summer! 




Here are some of our Favorite stacks to get you started... Want to see more?? Check out our instagram or email info@lakaiser.com with a specific stack in mind and we will send you more info!


The Minimalist Stack

If you like the delicate and dainty but can't live without the sparkle.. this one's for you!


The Flowering Opal Stack 

Opals hugged by more Opals! For those who like it eye poppingly colorful and the bright! 



When its May 20th, 50 and raining (WHY CHICAGO??), the best place to be is the Garfield Park Conservatory ....so we can at least pretend its summer with palm trees, ferns and our brightest stacks!!


The Opal Lovers Stack 

The "I can see in the dark because of my opals" stack. Opals, Topaz and more opals that just light up a room!  


The Rainbow Moonstone Lovers Stack 

Rose Gold, Rainbow Moonstone and epic White Topaz Sparkle. For the subltly decadent Princesses among us! 


The Sparkle All Day Stack  

One of our best statement stacks! Don't forget to pair it with the Rainbow Moonstone Silver Linings Pendant (no longer available) before you float off into Dreamland...


Our Model: Siya Mosha
Photographs by Jenni Dowie 


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