Our Favorite Virtual Galentine's Day Ideas

Apart from your Galentines this year?

Skip the expensive dinner and have a virtual celebration with your favorite friends! We found a few fun ideas to get everyone together for a fun (virtual) evening. And with busy schedules, celebrating your besties doesn't necessarily need to be done on any particular day. Find a time that works for everyone!

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  • Have one person volunteer to host: they can set up the event and send the invites, etc.
  • Send e-vites: they're quick, easy, and with an RSVP option, it'll make sure everyone gets a chance to add the even to their Google calendar. 
  • Provide a rough timeline so people know how long the event will last! 
  • Always provide a spend maximum if you're going the gifting route. 



    Bake Over Zoom 

    • Everyone decides on one recipe to make. It's best to keep it simple, depending on the baking skills and kitchen supplies of your guests! 
    • Pick a platform (i.e. Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc) and send an invite 
    • Include the recipe with the invite so everyone can shop ahead of time - include a cute ingredient list people can easily pull up on their phones while shopping! 
    • Send a reminder a few days prior to ensure everyone remembers to get all of their ingredients! 
    • At the time of the event, grab a glass of wine and prop your screen up so you can be hands free to bake 
    • Afterwards, everyone shares their own favorite recipe and photos of their finished creations with the group via email 
    • Pro tip: start a google doc of favorite recipes that people can share and make over time!



    Virtual Jewelry Gift Exchange

    • Everyone fills out a google doc with their ring size and address
    • Come up with a budget (a maximum spend) for everyone 
    • Draw names using a free online platform like Draw Names so that everyone has someone to buy for!
    • Pick a platform (i.e. Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc) and send an invite for an "open party"
    • Have everyone send their gifts directly to their valentine by a certain date. Make sure it's well ahead of the open party! 
    • Check out the La Kaiser Valentine's Day Gift Guide for a list of ideas. 
    • Each person can take a turn opening up their gift at the time of the event!




    Virtual Mixology Class - Fancy Sips

    • Decide if you want to host a private party or join a virtual event 
    • For as little as $20 you can join their virtual Galentine's Day brunch happy hour. you can do it by yourself or with a friend and you only pay per screen. they offer a number of other classes if you can't make the Feb 13 class 
    • They also have private virtual parties - the more people the more cost effective it is. they do most of the work for you, along with providing you and your guests with recipe cards, registration links, and a private Zoom meeting! You choose the length of the class, the instructor, and which drinks you'd like to make!
    • For both options, they send you the ingredient list ahead of time and you do the shopping. it saves on cost and ensures fresher ingredients! 



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    Virtual Accessories Swap

    • Everyone chooses an accessory (or clothing item) they no longer wear, as long as it's in good shape! 
    • Again, pick a platform (i.e. Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc) and send an invite.
    • You can use a platform like White Elephant Online or you can just DIY it (aka assign everyone a number and pick items in numerical order). 
    • Make a spreadsheet with everyone's addresses so that once everyone has chosen their new item, guests can mail them accordingly. 
    • It's a sustainable option and a great way for someone might find something they love out of something you no longer wear.
    • It's fun because everyone get's a new piece and people can "steal" pieces from others! 

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