Our 5 Favorite Moonstone Pieces

Now that you knowhow to care for your moonstones, we wanted to share our favorite moonstone pieces with you! We truly believe you can never have too much of a good thing (good energy that is)! 

These show-stoppers are a simple and classic way to show off the true beauty of the moonstone. The large stone of the Royale Ring and Royale Pendant hold an abundant amount of positive and feminine energy and can be worn for any all occasions.  

Rainbow Moonstone & Diamond Royale Ring. $115
Rainbow Moonstone & Diamond Royale Pendant. $120


This beauty has been one of our favorites from the beginning. This perfectly delicate moonstone is surrounded by a half halo of diamonds, creating the perfect duo of energy and elegance. We also love pairing it in a stack, such as with the Neu Arc Ring or the Caribbean Sunrise Ring It's so versatile! 

 14kt Gold Rainbow Moonstone & Diamond Aztec Ring. $350

What’s better than a beautiful pear-shaped moonstone? Obviously when it’s paired with a crown of opals. This Ballerina ring is the newest addition to our sterling silver collection and we just can't get enough. We can't imagine the healing power held in such a large moonstone, and we'll take it!

Sterling Silver Rainbow Moonstone & Opal Ballerina Ring. $115

This pendant couldn't be a more beautiful display of moonstones, sprinkled with just the right amount of diamonds. It's perfect alone for a night out, or can be paired with the starburst pendant for a more layered look. We love keeping the powerful moonstone energy close to our hearts, literally.  

14kt Gold Rainbow Moonstone & Diamond Galaxy Pendant $350 (no longer available)
Opal Starburst Pendant. $58


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