A Look At Our New Lux Vintage Collection!



We're so excited to announce the recent launch of our new Lux Vintage Collection, just in time for Spring!

This collection is full of colorful and luxurious pieces made with the highest quality materials. Each one-of-a-kind piece was designed with care using vibrant colors, bold designs, and with materials made to last. Our founder and designer, Cindy Kaiser, hand selected each of the natural gemstones and quality metals for these pieces and designed them to be passed down for generations. Each ring was made to one size that can easily adjusted at any jeweler of your choice, as the metals used are all solid gold or white gold. They will make the perfect addition to your accessories collection now and for many generations to come.  


Vintage Pink Sapphire & Diamond Lucern Ring, $2,850. 

With an oval cut pink sapphire stone surrounded by a halo of natural diamonds, this ultra-feminine piece is a for sure showstopper. Pink sapphire stones themselves are known to represent loyalty, power, and love, and are known to be a favorite of Grace Kelly's! This ring's unique assortment of diamonds, with larger 2.5 mm diamonds in each corner and smaller 2 mm diamonds along each side, adds a unique element of design. Set on a solid white gold 1.3 mm band, the contrast of color and cut make these natural gemstones really pop. 


Vintage Peridot & Diamond Locarno Ring, $1,300.

This stunning piece stars a natural cushion cut peridot stone with a modified halo of alternating gemstones. Peridot gemstones are known to emit positive spiritual energy, creativity, and a balance of the mind. The vibrant color of the peridot stones is perfectly contrasted by four sparkling natural diamonds, while the white gold 2.1 mm band makes everything pop! With the combination of color and cut, it's truly a unique piece.



Vintage Midnight Blue Sapphire & Diamond Montreux Ring, $2,400. 

Bold and extremely elegant, this midnight blue sapphire ring is the ultimate heirloom piece that will be admired for years to come. Its timeless design with modern detailing make it an ultra-grand piece of art! We're loving the unique side detailing of the solid gold 3 mm band and the oversized 3 mm diamonds cradling the ring's center stone. This midnight blue sapphire stone catches different hues depending on the light, making it mysterious yet extremely versatile.


Vintage Garnet & Diamond Geneva Ring, $650.

Get double the fun and luxury with this two-stoned twist! Garnet gemstones are known to represent the heart and inner fire but is also the stone of abundance and prosperity. These deep red garnet stones are perfectly stacked with a tapered solid gold 2 mm band. Two delicate natural diamonds are placed beside each garnet stone to create balance and to add subtle sparkle. This ring has a truly vintage design with modern detailing, making it truly unique! 


Blue Sapphire & Diamond Zermat Ring, $1,750.

This vibrant, Victorian-era inspired ring is the epitome of royalty! Blue sapphire is regarded as the stone of deep spirituality, mental focus, and psychic awareness. This ring's heirloom-quality blue sapphire stone is the center of attention, with a modified halo of high quality 2.2 mm diamonds acting as a sparkly floral frame. The unique color of the blue sapphire gives it a more modern and versatile update, as does its tapered white gold band.


Vintage Pearl & Diamond Engelberg Ring, $1,420. 

What's more elegant than a vintage pearl ring? Adding diamonds of course! Pearls are known to represent wisdom and are believed to bring protection and good luck to their wearers. This traditional freshwater pearl piece is adorned with eight 2.5 mm diamonds, enhancing the ring's design and sparkle. Its super vintage white gold band is 2.75 mm thick and features delicate detailing on each side, perfectly framing its diamond and pearl design. With its floral feel and delicate combination of gemstones, this ring is super feminine and chic.  


Vintage Emerald & Diamond Tirano Ring, $2,430.

Modern meets vintage with this timeless yet striking emerald ring. Emeralds represent new beginnings, rebirth, and balance. Emeralds are also said to be the gemstone of the goddess, Venus. This ring's modified halo of twelve 2.5 mm natural diamonds showcases the center stone while adding elegant sparkle! The contrasting solid gold 2.9 mm band compliments the stone's deep emerald color and brings out the true beauty of its cut. 


Vintage Diamond Cluster Ring, $1,970.   

We're swooning over this pieceA vintage style cluster ring with a modern spin, this ring is an effortless statement and adds the perfect amount of sparkle to your life. It is said that diamonds are used for detoxification and can absorb and amplify your thoughts. With alternating small and large natural diamonds forming an incredibly abstract floral design, it's everything you want in a ring and more. Its tapered solid gold band perfectly balances its weight and volume and adds an overall sleekness to the piece. 


Vintage 14kt Citrine & Diamond St. Moritz Ring, $2,050.

With a large citrine center stone and opposing diamond clusters to each side, this ring is extraordinarily elegant. It is said that citrine promotes optimism, mental focus, and self esteem. This ring's 2.5 mm solid white gold band perfectly contrasts the large citrine stone, while the natural 3.5 mm diamonds create luxurious balance. Its symmetrical design and understated beauty make it a perfect everyday piece that is anything but ordinary. We're loving its sparkle too! 


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