How To Keep The Balance - With Your Favorite Rings!

When there are so many jewelry pieces to choose from, how are you supposed to pick which ones need to make it home to your collection and out the door every day? The first place to start here is to come up with a general rule of thumb for what pieces and how many to wear on a daily basis. After you have the formula down, you can rotate in and out similar pieces depending on your mood or whether or not mercury is in retrograde… (It’s rough guys, we know). 

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First, Choose Your Dominant Hand

Choose one hand for your largest statement pieces. You want this hand to be the center of attention and wearing your most extravagant look. This could be your engagement set, a loaded diamond set, or a chunky opal stack. You could wear pieces on as many fingers as you'd like here, or stick with just one killer stack.


Dress Up Your Other Hand To Compliment

On your second hand, you want a slightly subtler look but a little more spread out. Rather than wearing everything on one finger, you want to spread them across two or three.

Choose one finger on this hand for a smaller stack, maybe with a few thinner pieces. This will give you more space for additional rings but won’t take the attention away from your dominant hand. Next, choose another finger for a single ring, smaller cocktail ring, or a very thin stack. This way you don’t have too much on every single finger and your hands are balanced without matching.


General Rules Of Thumb

  • You want your hands to be sisters, not identical twins. 

  • Your ratio doesn’t have to be 2:1. If you prefer to wear rings on two fingers on your left hand, keep the balance by wearing rings on three fingers on your other hand! 

  • You can certainly mix fine and vermeil! Maybe you wear a few pieces every single day but occasionally swap out your vermeil pieces as to not wear them out.

  • In the end, it's important to remember that you can walk also out of your home wearing whatever you damn well please. For that, we applaud you and we praise you.    


 Photos By Jenni Dowie.

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