The Hoops You Need For Every Occasion!



Hoops are no longer a 'special occasion only' accessory, and we're thrilled! As these 'ode to the 90s' pieces are back in the spotlight, you can find a different hoop for every mood, occasion, and day of the week. But why do you need more than one pair of hoops in your life? Not only are they an effortless way to make a stylish statement, they are the perfect way to express yourself and your every mood.They've also gotten quite the modern upgrade since we've last seen them and we cannot get enough. Whether you're looking to revamp your accessories collection or you have a serious hoop obsession, we've chosen our favorite must-have pieces for every occasion! 



The Work Day: Sophisticated 

Whether you're in the office or working from your couch, expressing yourself through your attire has been proven to lift your mood! The Gold Lover Hoops have a vintage feel and more of a traditional look, while the Diamond Cut Minis and Golden Rope Twists have a slightly edgy and unique design. The Diamond Eternity Hoops are the epitome of "all day, everyday" and are the kind of hoops you'll never want to take off. All of these fun yet sophisticated hoops are perfect for the 9 to 5 stretch and can add a little cheerfulness to even the most mundane of days.


9kt Gold Lover Hoops, $225. 


14kt Diamond Cut Mini Hoops, $180.  


Golden Rope Twist Hoops, $70. 


9kt Diamond Eternity Hoops, $280.



Happy Hour: Modern

For that post-work self care, these edgy hoops will perfectly compliment that drink in-hand and weekday work attire. These hoops are truly unique and each have their own flare, making them a perfect way to display your own personal style. Whether you need a confidence boost or an accessory pick-me-up after a long day, you deserve what these hoops can do for your mood and your wardrobe! 


Baguette Cut Vivant Hoops, $105. 


Rainbow Moonstone Rivulet Hoops, $105.


Night Sky Hoops, $65.



Weekend Brunch: Chic

Let your most fun and feminine side shine with these super stylish and eye-catching hoops. They're perfect for brunch, running errands, or for simply expressing your best weekend self. If you're looking for big and bold, we recommend going with the Flower Garland or Love Braid hoops.  For a less traditional hoop, rock the Daisy Ear Cuff or Mother Of Pearl Butterfly Hoops. No need to waste precious OOO hours trying to accessorize - effortlessly throw them on with any look!


Dainty Daisy Ear Cuff, $45.


Mother Of Pearl Butterfly Hoops, $105. 


Diamond Flower Garland Hoops, $115. 


Love Braid Hoops, $98. 



The Formal Event: Sleek

Don't feel obligated to buy a new accessory for every wedding or formal event you're invited to! These hoops are perfect for changing up an outfit you're rewearing or for boldly complimenting a simple sheath and an updo. All three designs are super sleek, modern, and extremely versatile. For a smaller, simpler hoop go with the Ice Cascade Hoops. For a look that's all about accessories, you'll love the Skylar Hoops or the Grande hoops. From small, subtle sparkles to larger statement hoops, you'll wear these styles over and over again. 


9kt White Topaz Ice Cascade Hoops, $255.


Rainbow Moonstone Skylar Hoops, $120.  


9kt White Topaz Grande Hoops, $185.




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