Wedding Day "Finishing Touches" & The prefect Bridesmaids Gifts

The lovely Daley Hamilton decided to compliment her beautiful Chicago Wedding with some of our favorite La Kaiser pieces.
Perfect delicate blush tones and soft pinks by the Lake. Here's what she chose to wear and to gift.... 


Daley Wears La Kaiser:

Rose Gold Rainbow Moonstone and Diamond Sprinkle Bracelet (no longer available)
Rose Gold Rainbow and Diamond Moonstone Flowerburst Studs 

La Kaiser Adorned Bridesmaids - from left to right:

Rachel - Opal & Diamond Parisian Sunset Studs

"She loves opals because they are her birthstone, and Rachel has a cool, laid back style.  I knew she would love them, and she did!"

Caroline - Rose Gold Rainbow Moonstone Belle Studs

"Caroline likes anything pretty and glam and we have pretty similar taste, so I knew these would be perfect for her.  The rose gold, moonstone, and diamonds are a really pretty combination.  I want my own!"

Megan - Rose Gold Diamond Talon Ring (no longer available)

"She doesn't wear earrings, and I thought the ring would look really pretty stacked with her engagement and wedding rings.  She said she has worn it every day since I gave it to her."

Marina - Rose Gold Moonstone and Diamond Galaxy Studs (no longer available)

"I gave her the galaxy earrings because Marina has a cool girl style.  She loves earth tones, so I thought they would look really nice on her and she could wear them with her day-to-day outfits.  (She did not wear these on the wedding day as she already had a jewelry set picked out for the day.)"


A Few Other La Kaiser Bridesmaid Gift ideas:

The Moonstone Sweet Pea Studs are fun, feminine and oh so pretty with soft pastels. We also have them in Rose Gold and Smokey Quartz: perfect for wearing with more jewel tones.  

The Diamond Pavilion Studs are that really special "damn girl I needed you" gift for your Maid of Honor who organized your whole Bachelorette Party and pulled you together when you thought you'd lost a shoe! 

For even more ways to make La Kaiser part of your Wedding Day check out our Blog Post COMING SOON on

"Perfect Wedding Day Pieces to Compliment Your Dress"


Wedding Photography by Brittany Bekas
La Kaiser Photographs by Jenni Dowie 

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