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Our Favorite Celestial Pieces For The Stargazer In You

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Whoever would have thought that reading your horoscope could be trendy? In a world desperately trying to escape labels, embracing your astrological sign has become the thing to do. Celestial jewelry, of course, was bound to come next. 
Rather than wearing your literal astrological sign around your neck, we've taken a more subtle approach to bringing your star sign back down to earth. Whether you're a poser or a true lover of astrology, these pieces are truly out of this world - (sorry we had to). 
We took our inspiration for this piece from the stars and planets themselves, placing them perfectly in a row. You're sure to fall in love with these gorgeous natural gemstones.
       A star, a moon and the sun all come together in this pendant to help manifest your deepest and most desired dreams.  Remember the 3 wishes that are dearest to your heart! This pendant also makes the perfect gift. 
We're starstruck over these Opal Starburst studs, perfect for a subtle touch of star power. The iridescent opals provide a tiny bit of luminous sparkle, which pairs perfectly with their golden halos.  
   The 8 sided star and crescent moon represent the spiritual world in many different cultures. Whether you feel like wearing one or both, these studs are a delicate match to any ear, while keeping you close to the stars.
We're obsessed with these cosmic hoops and will literally be wearing them all Summer. And haven't you heard? Hoops are in - and these go with every new outfit sitting in our online shopping carts right now (whoops).        
We said hoops were in, didn't we? A little bigger and a little bolder, these are perfect for a late night out under the stars. We can't stop wearing them. 
  We can't decide what draws us to this ring more - the beautiful color of the blue opal or the unique shape of the piece itself. Either way, it has us wide eyed and wanting one!
      Meet the Constellation Ring - our interpretation of natural star patterns. It stacks perfectly with the Galaxy Ring, which speaks for itself. The mix of rainbow moonstones and simulated diamonds line up like stars in the sky and we couldn't be more obsessed with the duo! 
The bigger the moonstone, the more positive energy hidden inside - or so we like to say. This is the perfect statement ring and accomplice for a day look turned into night. 
Photographs by Jenni Dowie

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