When To Buy Solid Gold Pieces VS Vermeil

Every wardrobe has an eclectic mix of styles, fabrics, and price-points. Sometimes you splurge on the pricy basic that you can wear a million different ways, and sometimes you buy a less expensive trend piece to last you a season or two. We like to think of our jewelry in the same way! 

With jewelry, it's a little harder to know when to splurge and when to save. It’s easiest if you break your pieces into two groups: fine and vermeil, which is how we group our collections at La Kaiser. Vermeil pieces are 18kt gold over sterling silver, while Fine pieces are solid 14kt gold. 

When To Buy Fine Pieces

14kt Opal & Diamond Dolce Vita Studs $380


Pieces you forget to take off

We’ve all done it – woken up in full fingers of jewelry that we meant to take off the night before. If you know you’re going to be bad about remembering to remove certain pieces before bed or showering, maybe solid gold is the way to go. Remember though, to follow the guidelines of the gemstone makeup of your piece as well.


14kt Gold Diamond Trio Ring $249 

Tanzanite & London Blue Topaz Pavillion Studs $270

Pieces you want to wear every day, all day

I’m not saying I’m lazy… but I’m lazy. I wear a few stackable solid gold pieces every day, all day long. I shower in them, sleep in them, and workout in them. These pieces become a part of me and I wouldn’t be able to keep up this abusive relationship if they were vermeil. If you’re buying a piece you know you won’t be parting with at any hour of the day, we recommend solid gold pieces here. But again, be mindful of your gemstones.


14kt Gold Diamond Caribbean Sunrise Ring $1,500 


Wedding/engagement pieces

Probably the most important time to buy solid gold or fine pieces is when you’re buying something you or your partner is going to wear for the rest of their life! This piece is going to be worn in most cases all day, every day. The piece will also most likely have sentimental value and will be hard to replace if something happens to it. This is an important purchase – it’s like the pricier basic we talked about earlier but will hopefully last you a lifetime!


When To Buy Vermeil Pieces

Rainbow Moonstone & Diamond Royale Pendant $120   


Occasional wear

Only going to wear a certain piece on date night or girl’s night out? If it’s not for everyday wear, you could certainly go vermeil. Put it on after you’ve gotten ready for the evening, wear it for a few hours, and place it back in its box when you get home! Taking good care of your vermeil pieces will make them last much longer.


Opal Shooting Star Hoops $95


Trend pieces

If you keep up on the latest fashion trends, you know that trends trickle down to jewelry as well. Aren’t sure if hoops are really your thing but are trying to try them for the summer, this is a good time to find a cool pair of vermeil hoops to feed your inner 90’s child. If you decide that you’re obsessed with them and you’ve been missing hoops your entire life, now you know that you should find a pair in solid gold.


Pink Morganite, Topaz & Rainbow Moonstone Victorian Ring $130


Cocktail jewelry or larger pieces

For switching up your style with larger statement pieces, vermeil can be a good option here. You can buy several pieces and wear what you are feeling that day. What you’re wearing can often be an indicator of mood, not just for your clothing but also your jewelry! For large statement pieces or cocktail rings in a rotation of many, we recommend vermeil.


Window Into Dreamland Pendant $140


For additional tips on taking care of your fine and vermeil pieces, read here. If you have decided that solid gold is a better option for your lifestyle, just email to get more information about getting your favorite vermeil pieces made into solid yellow, white, or rose gold.

Photographs by Jenni Dowie

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