Caring for your Plated vs Solid Gold Jewelry

If you haven't heard, all jewelry is not created equal! Though you may not be able to tell by first glance, there are different ways to care for your "all day, every day" pieces versus your plated pieces. Knowing the difference and how to care for each, will increase the life of your jewelry - we're here to help!

18kt Gold Vermeil

Opal Angels Arc Ring. $83
Gold Opal & Diamond Parisian Blossom Ring. $75


Vermeil pieces are great statement pieces and give you the flexibility to switch up your look daily. These pieces are actually gold plated over sterling silver. For this reason, we recommend removing these pieces when sleeping, showering, swimming, or during intense workouts. 

Because these pieces don't like moisture, avoid contact with creams, perfumes, or household cleaners. We recommend waiting until you've showered, applied lotion, makeup, and perfume before putting them on for the day!


  • Use an old soft bristle toothbrush or a clean, dry cloth to simply wipe away any unwanted substances and to keep your plated jewelry shining! 

  • Store them in your La Kaiser pouch or airtight bag while you aren't wearing them - this will keep them safe and help prevent them from tarnishing! 


Sterling Silver

Sterling SIlver Angels Arc Ring. $83
Sterling Silver Opal and Diamond Double Dose Ring. $62
Sterling Silver Rainbow Moonstone Sky Ring. $89
Sterling Silver Rainbow Moonstone Constellation Ring. $75

Much like gold vermeil pieces, silver does not like moisture. Keep your silver jewelry away from water, lotions, and household cleaners. Chemicals and contaminants can lead to your pieces tarnishing. The great thing about silver is that it's very easy to clean if it does tarnish. 



  • Use a microfiber or jewelers polishing cloth to buff tarnished areas  in an up and down motion (not circular)
  • Place your silver pieces in separate airtight bags when not wearing. Or you can place silica gel packets in your bag of silver pieces to keep them from tarnishing. 


Solid 14kt Gold

Rainbow Moonstone & Sapphire Neu Arc Ring. $385
14kt Gold White Topaz & Black Diamond Stella Ring. $280
14kt Gold Opal & Diamond Stella Ring. $280
Tanzanite & Aquamarine Neu Arc Ring. $385


Solid gold pieces are pretty low maintenance and can withstand showering, sleeping, and working out while wearing them. But, don't forget to follow the rules of your gemstones here! Check out our other blog posts if you need help in caring for your particular stone(s).



  • Use a mild dish soap and a gentle cloth to remove any unwanted substances (but be careful not to soak if you have a sensitive gemstone!) 
  • You can also use a soft bristle toothbrush with mild jewelry cleaner if your fine pieces have really seen some wear. 


Photographs by Jenni Dowie


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