Organizing Your Jewelry At Home

With colder months approaching, you may have plans to spend more time inside this season! It's the perfect time to be crossing projects off of your to-do list and to tackle some much-needed organization. We've come up with some tips to help you through the process and to help keep your most precious pieces in wearable condition. 




Since she clearly knows what she is doing when it comes to organization, we recommend the Marie Kondo method when it comes to sorting through your jewelry. Start by laying all of your pieces out and deciding if anything needs to be tossed or donated. Ask yourself the following questions to help decide! 

  • Would I wear this piece more if it was cleaned? 
  • Do I like this piece enough to take it to the jeweler to be mended? 
  • Is the reason I don't wear this piece because it doesn't fit correctly? 

If the answer is no, donate or toss them immediately! If you've decided to keep any pieces that need some professional attention, set them aside to take to a jeweler. 


14kt Gold Hues Of Blues Cluster Studs, $290.
14kt Gold Opalescent Topaz Solo Studs, $175.
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14kt Gold Diamond Stardust Pendant, $280. 
14kt Gold Rainbow Moonstone and Diamond Angel Wings Pendant, $310.
14kt Opalescent Forever Pendant, $240.
14kt Gold Solo Diamond Pendant, $180. 



For the pieces you've decided to keep, we recommend cleaning them regularly to keep them in good condition and give them a longer life! Be sure to read up on the correct way to clean each piece based on its metal and gemstones. If you're not sure, we've listed a general rule of thumb for delicate cleaning below. 

  • Use a non abrasive, damp cloth to wipe down the piece; never use polishing clothes unless the metal is sterling silver.
  • For a deeper clean, lightly soak the pieces in lukewarm water and mild dish soap (like Dawn); don't soak for more than 5 minutes to avoid damage to the stone. 

If you're unsure, you can always bring your to professional jeweler to be cleaned. If it's a plated piece, most jewelers are even able to re-plate for a small fee. 


14kt Gold Diamond Sunflower Pendant, $451.
14kt Gold Diamond Cascade Pendant, $341. 
14kt Solo Diamond Pendant, $180.


10kt Topaz Bridge Ring, $335.
14kt Moissanite, Rainbow Moonstone, and Aquamarine Lugano Ring, $330.



The safest place to keep your jewelry when you're not wearing it is in a designated jewelry box, La Kaiser pouch, or organizational system. We recommend keeping your most delicate pieces in one of our velvet boxes  or our travel cases away from other pieces to avoid scratches to the metal or stones. 

Here are some other tips for storing your jewelry:

  • Make sure to store necklaces separately in designated organizers to keep chains from tangling - this is the easiest way to keep them safe!
  • Store sterling silver pieces with anti tarnish pads right in the pouch - you can order some on Amazon here
  • Use a travel case like this one to store pieces when you travel - it will keep them safe from getting lost and getting tangled/scratched! 
  • Occasionally, you can store your natural Opal pieces in a plastic bag sealed with a damp cloth inside - this will help to hydrate the stone to prevent cracking. 
  • If you want to keep your jewelry out in a decorative way, we recommend using glass cases or coverings to prevent dust buildup! 



Jewelry Travel Case (with sample pieces), $105.


14kt Gold Diamond & Topaz Aphrodite Shield Ring, $510.
14kt Gold Opal Caribbean Sunrise Ring, $530. 



  • Most solid gold or sterling silver pieces can be resized at any jeweler for a resizing fee. Just call ahead and be sure they offer this service. 
  • Because vermeil pieces are plated in gold, they normally can't be resized. The best option would be to purchase a new piece in a size that works better for you or wear it on an alternative finger! 
  • Most chain breaks can be mended, especially if the piece is solid gold. If it can't be mended, you may just need a new chain altogether. 
  • If a stone breaks, the stone will have to be replaced. If an opal loses its color, you may be able to rehydrate it or use a bright light to help it regain color. 
  • Keeping pieces regularly cleaned and safely stored will increase their life span.


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