Our guide to gemstone cuts!

We know there are so many different types of gemstone cuts - so many that it's hard to keep them straight! Though most well-known gemstone cuts have been made popular by engagement rings, many of the gemstones you wear daily are cut the same way. While engagement rings are most popularly diamonds, almost any gemstone can be cut into these different shapes. 

The two most basic groups of gemstone cuts are faceted vs cabochon. Majority of the gemstone cuts you know are "faceted" meaning they have flat, polished surfaces with geometrical shapes. You can see that the stone has been cut into having different flat sides, or "facets". The different facts together create the overall shape of the gemstone. 


Cabochon isn't so much of a "cut" as it is polished into a dome-like shape. It has no facets or flat geometrical surfaces. Traditionally you will find cabochons in round or oval shapes. 


Cushion Cut

Cushion Cut: A more recent development in gemstone cuts, this shape became popular in the 1900s and is said to be named quite literally after a cushion or pillow. They are popularly paired with a halo of smaller stones. 
Cushion Cut Celebrity Engagement Ring:  Kim Kardashian West to Kanye West  
Number of Facets: 57 to 58

Baguette Cut

Baguette Cut: Long and rectangular in shape, the baguette cut is inspired by the Art Deco era. With a minimal number of facets, they are cut to maximize clarity. 
Baguette Cut Celebrity Engagement Ring: Marilyn Monroe to Joe DiMaggio
Number of Facets: 14 to 18

Marquise Cut

Originally said to have been designed for King Louis XV, this cut stems from the 1700s. The marquis cut is elongated coming to a point on each end. It is cut to reflect the most light and provide maximum sparkle.
Marquis Cut Celebrity Engagement Ring: Portia De Rossi to Ellen Degeneres
Number of Facets: 55 to 58

Pear Cut

The pear cut, alternatively called the "teardrop" cut, is rounded at one end and comes to a point at the other. 
Pear Cut Celebrity Engagement Ring: Savannah Brinson to Lebron James
Number of Facets: 56 to 58
Photographs by Jenni Dowie 

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