Some TLC for your Opal Jewelry Goes a Long Way

You’ve just purchased the latest and greatest piece of opal feminine jewelry, and you definitely want it to last as timeless as the style does. Now, as you should know, high quality jewelry does need a little bit of TLC – tender, love and care. After all, opal is a precious gemstone, and definitely needs a little more attention than the costume jewelry you purchased at the farmers market this past weekend. So, whether you have some opal pendants, beautiful bangles, elegant earrings or a mixture of all, these opal caring tips will ensure that they remain as beautiful tomorrow as they were the day you purchased them.

Why Care?

As mentioned, opals aren’t some mediocre piece of jewelry that you don’t want to care for. They illuminate a marvelous sparkle and shine that requires just a bit of attention to contain that beauty. Since opals do contain 5-10% water,  they can sometimes become dehydrated and as a result, can lose the stones feminine spark and color which is the true essence of opals. Plus, they are a precious gemstone and not some gold-plated plastic that you can toss to the side at the end of the day. So, give your colorful jewelry some TLC.

Keep It Dark

When it comes to storing your opal colorful jewelry, or even removing it at the day’s end, be sure to always store them in a dark place such as a jewelry box. Since opalsnaturally come from dark areas, keeping them away from direct sunlight will enhance its longevity and provide you with much more style. The shine and vibrancy won’t wear, and that sparkle won’t die down either. Since there is a bit of water in the stones, they are somewhat alive and need to be cared for properly to keep them thriving.

Check the Weather

Every fashionista knows that the weather forecast can definitely influence your sense of style for the day, and if you plan on wearing your opal jewelry often, you may want to adopt the habit of tuning into the weather station to see what the day ahead of you is looking like. Opals are extremely sensitive to light, and wearing these jewelry pieces in direct sunlight constantly can certainly wear them out. So, if you’re planning a day on the shore, at an outdoor event or even plan on spending long periods of time outside, check that forecast, ladies. Keep in mind that if you only pull out your feminine opals for special occasions, you can generally skip over this caring tip without any worry.

Be Chemical Cautious

You may not always think about removing your opal ring or bracelet before washing your hands, doing the dishes or even wiping down a surface with a cleaning cloth, but you may want to change that. In order to keep these precious gemstones healthy and vibrant, you need to be chemical-cautious as even the slightest amounts can be damaging and can make the stones mat which is a look you don’t want to go for. That’s also not to mention, the damage can often be unrepairable. So, be sure to take off your colorful jewelry before you pick up that bar of soup, jump in the shower or put your hands in soapy water.

If you’ve already been a culprit to doing the opposite of what is recommended to keep your feminine opals stunning, there are some things you can do to try to spark up that shine. Often times, the damage is the result of dehydration within the opals, so you can always place them in a glass of water over night which will allow the stone to absorb some water content and put the moisture back in. The shine will follow and bring your style back to life.



Photographs by Jenni Dowie 

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