The Truth Behind the Myths About Opals


There’s no point in beating around the bush; there are some myths and superstitions surrounding opals, but because they are such a feminine and stylish piece of colorful jewelry, let’s bust those myths and get down to the facts surrounding this precious gemstone. After all, opals are versatile and can be worn with absolutely anything you desire, and your fashion should never be sacrificed by silly myths. Sign up for our newsletter to keep the fabulous fashion advice coming.

Opals Don’t Need To Be Soaked in Water

It is definitely true that opals can be soaked in water overnight to try to repair damage that has been done to the stone by leaving your opal ring on while doing the dishes or taking a shower. However, it is not required to soak your opal jewelry at all, and especially not frequently. Yes, opals do contain 5-10% water and can become dehydrated if not taken care of properly but soaking them is not a requirement to keep these stones shining and vibrant as they typically can’t soak up much liquid.

Opals Aren’t Extremely Fragile and Prominent to Breakage

The truth is that opals are fragile and even more so than other stones but that does not mean that they are going to break easily, or at all. These stones are said to be as hard as glass, and as long as you’re avoiding extreme manual labor, sporting activities and other actions that can cause bumps and scratches, your colorful jewelry pieces shouldn’t break. Basically, as long as you aren’t bashing around constantly, your opals should be just fine. There is also a myth that wearing opals while on a plane or at a higher altitude will cause them to break. This is wrong, and you can still look fabulous and fly.














Opals Don’t Need Oil

Somewhere out there, the myth started that opals need to be rubbed down or even soaked in baby oil to keep them moist and prevent damage. As mentioned, opals do contain some water content and if they dry out, cracking can happen. However, these stones don’t have the ability to suck in oil like your skin does moisturizer. Rubbing oil on them will just make your opals greasy. Sure, they might look sparkly but they’ll also feel slimy. It may actually do more damage due to the chemical contents in oil. So, you’re better off avoiding it altogether.

Opals Can Get Wet

There is a myth that water touching your feminine opal jewelry will make the stone expand and crack. This isn’t true but it can be for any prolonged exposure to water. So, if you’re swimming or taking a shower, you should certainly be removing your jewelry before doing so, but that is more so due to the chemicals in pools, soaps, lotions etc.

Opals Aren’t Always White

The most common opals are opaque with a shine of rainbow hues, as seen in our 14kt Opal Caribbean Sunrise Ring - but they can also come in grey and black, with the same range of vibrant tones. These stones can also range from milky appeals to clearer ones, and each have a different value and can even be more valuable than diamonds. Opals are a girl’s new best friend, ladies.

Opals Color Can’t Be Enhanced

Now, listen closely – if you care for your opals properly, the vivid shine will remain prominent. However, there are many myths out there that state that rubbing your colorful jewelry pieces with toothpaste, vaseline, polish, rose water etc. or placing it in a lightening storm can make them brighter. As mentioned previously with the oil, it may provide a temporary gloss on your stones, but it isn’t going to magically make your opals brighter and better. These products can actually do more damage, so its best to avoid them completely and simply care for your opal feminine jewelry from the beginning to ensure that you don’t have to worry about the vibrancy dying down.

Opals Aren’t Bad Luck

They’re the stone of love and inspiration, so there is no way that opals bring bad luck. These old wives tales have actually done a 360 and opals are now seen as a lucky charm and prized for centuries.





Myths and superstitions are fun to read about, but finding out the truth is always excellent – especially when it comes to your sense of style. Opals are feminine stones that will illuminate your entire outfit. We LOVE opals!! If anything, these myths just make the stone even more interesting and an excellent conversation-starter! See for yourself with some of our favorite bold opal pieces: 14kt Opal & Diamond Angels Drop Ring, 14kt Opal & Diamond Victorian Epoch Band and 10kt Gold Opal Eye Studs

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