Sundays with Stacy Roberston


Sitting down with Stacy Robertson was such a treat for us - as Stacy has not only fabulous style but is truly passionate about working in the bridal industry! Stacy is an event coordinator with a local Chicago catering company, Catering By Michaels. Although she coordinates many different kinds of events, her favorites are weddings, where she takes the stress away from the bride and groom and ensures the most perfect of celebrations for them both. When she isn't overseeing a weekend wedding, she let us in on how she spends her Sundays!  


Q. What's your favorite Sunday brunch spot?

A. Homeslice.  We are there every Sunday right when they open.  The hangover iced coffee is a life saver.


Q. Give us your best Self-Care Sunday tip.

A. Grocery shopping and meal prep.  Making my meals for the week ahead of time ensures that I will actually stick to healthy eating.  I get most of my recipes from the blogger Ambitious Kitchen who is a local Chicagoan.


Q. What is in your online shopping cart right now?

A. Briogeo Superfoods hair pack.  My favorite blogger recommended it recently so I want to give it a try.  I also have a variety of wedding guest dresses for all of my upcoming weddings.  My current favorite is a pink two toned popover gown by Jill Stuart.


Q. Anything you're binge watching this weekend? 

A. I just finished The Looming Tower on Hulu, which I would highly recommend.  But my all-time favorite show to put on is The Mindy Project.


Q. What's your favorite La Kaiser stack?

A. My favorite stack right now is the Flowering Opal Stack.  It is so perfect for the summer time and adds an extra feminine accent with the Parisian blossom ring.


 The Flowering Opal Stack, $158.


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