Sunday's with Chicago Blogger Ashley Brianna

Chicago Blogger Ashley Brianna explores the city and its hidden gems sharing them on her fabulously stylish and informative Safe Haven In The City Blog for all to enjoy!



Ashley is most passionate about helping nonprofits maximize change in the city and volunteers and engages those around her to make a difference in style. With her taste for the finer things and a millennial budget, she embraces the moment and seeks out beautiful places so every day can feel special!


Q. What's your favorite Sunday brunch spot?

A. I always change it up because there are so many great brunch spots in the city! I am originally from the south, so I have to give a nod to Bang Bang Pie. Their biscuit and grits are so yummy!


Q. Give us your best Self-Care Sunday tip. 

A. I always clean the house on Saturdays so I can enjoy my Sunday and rest. Morning church and brunch with friends, then wherever the day takes me. Mondays are so much easier to face when you’ve had time to take things slow.


Q. What is in your online shopping cart right now?

A. The new fall line at J. Crew. Everything is so versatile! But specifically, these tortoise shell statement earrings!


Q. Anything you're binge watching this weekend? 

A. I’m working my way through Sex and The City on Amazon Prime. Some say I’m a Miranda, other’s say I’m Charlotte. But I’m just trying to figure out how they manage to find a new boyfriend for every episode!


Q. What's your favorite La Kaiser stack? 

A. It has to be the Opal & Moonstone Ballerina Ring stacked with the Rainbow Moonstone & Black Garnet Archer Ring. I have a recent obsession with moonstone. I love dainty pieces I can wear alone or together when I want to make a little more of a statement!

Opal & Moonstone Ballerina Ring, $115.

Rainbow Moonstone & Black Garnet Archer Ring, $92.


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