Sunday's with Julie Gill

Julie is a Green Beauty/Lifestyle blogger with a focus on holistic wellness who's a lover of fairy tales, books, music, and all things whimsical! She is a licensed mental health counselor and certified wellness coach but for right now she is happy being an amazing mom to Gavin, her beautiful baby boy with special needs.

Julie's love affair with La Kaiser started with her first purchase: the Three Wishes Opal & Diamond Necklace and her collection, wish list, and love for the brand has been growing ever since! (we love you Julie and your fabulous collection of lipsticks!)

"I decided to funnel my passion for healthy living and all the little things that make life beautiful into blogging!  I love to express myself creatively (not only through writing) but especially through makeup and jewelry!" 

What's your favorite Sunday brunch spot?

With a toddler, I don't get to go out for brunch much these days but on the occasional day off when my son is with grandma, my husband and I love going to Bare Burger in Montclair, NJ where they emphasize fresh farm to table food with fun, healthier alternatives to traditional burgers and American comfort food! I can't remember the last time I've enjoyed restaurant food so much! Their banana caramel milkshake is also out of this world! For anyone who doesn't know, Montclair, NJ is like a tiny, cleaner version of the village in NYC and it's such a fun city to visit! 

Give us your best Self-Care Sunday tip. 

My best self-care tip is to unplug for a certain amount of time over the weekend so that you can focus on one activity that you truly love and be fully present in. If your mind keeps wandering to your to-do list, try to pull it back to what's right in front of you in that moment. The Mindfulness movement is at the heart of this tip. Being fully present and reconnecting to something that we love each week will allow you to reconnect with what makes you happy, feel alive, and what type of people, places, or things you'd like to surround yourself with.

What is in your online shopping cart right now?

I have more than usual in my shopping cart because it's my birthday week! I have a vintage Victorian locket in my Etsy cart that I specifically picked out and plan to wear layered with my other La Kaiser necklaces! I also have Medical Medium's new book called Liver Rescue in my Amazon cart. Lastly, the Punk Princess palette from 100% Pure. Oh, and I have the pre-order of Bellyfit's Season 2 workout series in my cart, which is a truly unique fusion-style workout method designed specifically for women that combines African dance, belly dancing, yoga, and pilates with cardio, stretch, & strength woven together in a magical combination! 

My La Kaiser Shopping Cart Wish List:
14kt gold Eternal Diamond Love Pendant 
Pink Morganite, Tourmaline, & Topaz Victorian Ring 
Moonstone & Opal Ballerina Ring 

Opal & Diamond Woodland Fairytale Ring

Anything you're binge watching this weekend? 

Anne with an E on Netflix and I'm re-watching the entire series of Six Feet Under from HBO (which has the BEST ending of any show in the history of TV!). Honorable mention: Black Mirror on Netflix, a modern variation on the Twilight Zone! It's amazing!! 

What's your favorite La Kaiser stack? 

Rainbow Moonstone & Diamond Flowerburst Ring nestled between two of the White Topaz Angel's Arc Rings.

What I particularly love about La Kaiser jewelry is that each piece is unique, yet feminine and dainty so that they can be worn alone or worn together in endless, tantalizing combinations! The possibilities are truly endless... 

Above: Rainbow Moonstone Eclipse Ring (Julie's own) 
(photograph: courtesy of Julie Gill) 


Read more about this inspirational lady, her lifestyle & wellness tips, and how to stack your La Kaiser jewelry (because she is a pro!):

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