Sundays with Megan Phillips!

We sat down with Megan Phillips, one of the fabbest New Yorkers we know, to learn more about how she spends her Sundays. Megan is the founder and designer of Megan Phillips Collection, a brand that we personally love and wear. She even let us in on her favorite La Kaiser stack! We were thrilled to share a Sunday with this boss-lady.   


Q. What's your favorite Sunday brunch spot?

A. Buvette in the West Village.They scramble eggs in an espresso steamer and use waffles as the bread for their egg sandwich. Safe to say I dream about this place on the weekdays.   

Q. Give us your best Self-Care Sunday tip. 

A. Spend some time outside. I live on the north end of Central Park so the best thing I can do for myself on Sunday is to wake up, get an Americano from my local coffee shop and walk around the park. Spending time outside to listen to a podcast, people watch and get some fresh air helps clear my mind and puts me in a good spot to start my week.     

Q. What is in your online shopping cart right now?

A. My online shopping cart is always the most random. Right now I have various sewing tools, a one piece swimsuit from Striped and Solid, an SPF moisturizer and some workout tights.   

Q. Anything you're binge watching this weekend? 

A. Broad City. Ilana Wexler is my Queen.    

Q. What's your favorite La Kaiser stack? 

A. I love gold, I love opal and I wear a lot of V cut tops so the perfect stack for me is the La Kaiser 14kt Rose Gold Opal and Diamond Sprinkler Choker, 14kt Gold Eternal Diamond Love Pendant and the Opal and Diamond Double Dose Lariat.

Shop Megan's stack!

14kt Rose Gold Opal & Diamond Sprinkle Choker. $92  (no longer available)
14kt Gold Eternal Diamond Love Pendant. $330
Opal & Diamond Double Dose Lariat. $134 (no longer available)



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