Collaboration with Nail Artist Ladylegs!


Legs is a Chicago based nail artist originally from California, specializing in hand painted nail art. She loves glitter, anything iridescent, puppies and The Office

We discovered Ladylegs through our Collaboration with Illustrator Maggie Enterrios! With iridescent sparkle and glitter designs that pair perfectly with our Gemstone Collection we HAD to get her into the La Kaiser Studio for some nail banter and more glitter! This girl is cool, edgy and adventurous, fun and vibrant. She is passionate about what she does, and is just downright fabulous at it!  



How did you first get interested in Nail Design!

I went to boarding school girls would barter for manicures...manicures for a cup of noodles etc! For prom the girls were like “can u do my” nails and I was like “can you do my hair”

I Moved to Chicago after college and met ‘now’ fiancé, Rio, 2 months after moving. At a bar, no job, social work jobs on South side, no car. He said “why don’t you do nails?” I went to nail school Pink Nail School and was like “I'm good at this!”

"My mum said that when I was younger I said I wanted to be a therapist manicurist. Why would you go to school to be a therapist to just do nails.

Being a beautician is frowned upon by a lot of people, that its not a real job but it is a real job, I’m building a business. I’m not just a nail artist. I’m a business woman and I get to be creative!" 

Where did the name Ladylegs come from?

As my name is Ellegra one of my nicknames was "Legs" and then it was "let's go and see the Nail Lady "Legs" and thus the name was born. 

What are your future goals?

I want to own a nail art salon. Small and boutiquey. Clean, chic and instagramable! Pretty and happy where people want to go to gossip, hang out and drink wine. I'm in the middle of a project BYO Babe - its all about girl power and boss babes. I want to build a community where woman can network, share stories and tips and just empower and support each other through online chats, events, pop ups etc.



Where can we find you?

I am currently in a salon Roscoe Village called Nail Box which is a shared space with other artists.

Tell us about your upcoming wedding in October!

I am getting married October 13th at Lacuna Lofts, a traditional quirky, edgy space with exposed brick, graffiti and art. We are having a breakfast buffet. The super talented / Maggie Enterrios designed our invitations incorporating elements of all the things we love and our story. Our colors are going to be jewels tones and blush -  I'll be rocking some dark red lipstick and he’s wearing a red velvet suit.


Favorite Nail Designs?

I love doing anything Star related! 

Where is your Favorite place to shop?

H&M, ASOS, Buffalo Exchange, Forever 21 and Love Free People and Anthropologie. I also am currently a bit obsessed got into Rebecca Minkoff, we just did an event with them and I love everything!

Favorite Restaurant in the City?

Volare for Italian. Its kinda touristy and not the prettiest but has the best gnocchi - I love pasta!

Favorite La Kaiser piece?

Definitely the Rainbow Moonstone and Diamond Horizon Ring! I only really wear rings, I’m a ring person and if I find a ring I love I will wear it forever.

ABOVE: Rainbow Moonstone & Diamond Horizon Ring and the Opal & Moonstone Ballerina Ring 

BELOW: Opal Lovers Bridge Band, Opal & Diamond Woodland Fairytale Ring, Opal Caribbean Sunrise Ring, Opal & Diamond Stella Ring and the Gold Diamond Arc Ring


You can find LadyLegs rocking her newest and coolest nail design along with her Heart Sun Glasses and La Kaiser Jewels at the address below!

Lady Legs







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