A Collaboration with Creative Illustrator Maggie Enterrios

Maggie Enterrios is an internationally-published hand and digital illustrator based in Chicago. She has created illustrations for packaging, textiles and branding for Apple, Crayola, Instagram, Madam C.J Walker and Sephora to name just a few!
Maggie's illustrations are characterized by meticulously intricate details. Her designs are delicate and whimsical: "I am inspired by overgrown gardens, outer space and animals that have a lot of built-in patterns like birds, leopards and insects". 
SO of course we just knew she would do something stunningly beautifully with our new Opal and Diamond Butterfly Rings.... pure imagination in its most prettiest form:

Shout out to Chicago based Nail Artist Ladylegs for this so so pretty Diamond and Opal Inspired Nail design!!

We asked Maggie to tell us as much as possible about her creative process, her advice to aspiring artists and most importantly her new book AND favorite La Kaiser Stack!!

Her inspiration:

I consider myself a maximalist: I love prints and textures and creating compositions that are almost dizzying in their complexity. I’m a very visual thinker, so typically I can see the final finished piece in my head before I even begin sketching it out. The more, the better!

Her morning routine:

I work from home, which is certainly a luxury (athleisure all day, every day!) but it also can get stir crazy if you don’t build in some outside time and activities. I like to really buckle down and work for long stretches of time, so I typically allow myself from 6am - 7:30 am to go to the gym, or go for a walk with my neighborhood girlfriends. Coffee is extremely important to me, so the ritual of listening to a podcast and drinking a cup of coffee in the mornings is something I also cherish.



Currently listening to:

It really depends on the day and whether I need to relax or kick myself into gear. As I answer this, I’m listening to Charles Bradley, and I do tend to listen to a lot of soul and R&B in general. Lifetime favorites are Jenny Lewis, Wilco, Death Cab for Cutie and Arcade Fire. My absolute favorite album right now is Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett’s ‘Lotta Sea Lice’. I have been listening on repeat for months.

Can’t go anywhere without:

A water bottle, a tiny comb (the windy city likes to mess with my hair far too often) and business cards!!

Self care means:

The inside being just as important as outside. I try to exercise regularly; while it builds my physical strength, I also feel it keeps me mentally energized and teaches me to be patient and persistent (two qualities very much needed as a business owner)! I also get regular facials, manicures and my guilty pleasure is eyelash extensions. There is nothing I love more than rolling out of bed and right out the door with minimal effort, so having a little pop of pretty on my eyelids is really fun!

Biggest moment of her career:

I am the ultimate secret-keeper, but I will tell you that one of my upcoming projects is my favorite yet! Before that, working with Apple was huge for me. I created work for them and was featured as an illustrator for their advertising campaign of the iPad Pro 9.7, and I’ve also taught some illustration demos at the Michigan Avenue store(s)!

Advice for young artists and entrepreneurs:

Take your passion seriously, and don’t let anyone make you feel silly for seeing a path for yourself that is outside the box. I truly feel that it is up to us to build our own dream jobs: there’s never been a time quite like this for artists and those willing to hustle to succeed. My only regret is not trusting myself enough to start sooner;  if you have the chance to start now, do it.

My first book, Nature Observer, is a completely new type of guided journal. It’s a year-long dot-grid book that is comprised of beautifully illustrated calendars (fill-in-your-own dates, so it works any year!), goal trackers, weekly planners and writing prompts meant to spark your creativity. Nature Observer follows the seasons and encourages you to organize your daily life while appreciating and exploring the outdoors on a constant basis. It’s for sale everywhere books are sold, or you can find out more at And fun news, I’m working on my second book, Gather, with the same publisher, Timber Press, right now!

Her favorite La Kaiser piece:

I’m all about a ring stack. I wear no fewer than 5 rings on a daily basis, but I also like to have a lower profile height so my hands are free to draw. That’s why I love the interplay of textures and stones in the Birds of a Feather stacking ring. Special shout out to all of the ear climbers as well - that is such a cool look!





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