Collaboration with Chicago Lifestyle Blogger Johanna Grange

Chicago blogger and marketing genius Johanna Grange is a Chicago girl through and through and in her words: "Only left to attend the University of Iowa and then ran right back!"  

Johanna launched Oak Street Social with her partner in 2013:  A full service social media marketing agency from content creation to photography to execution. She resides in the Northshore with husband, two gorgeous daughters and puppy, Eloise.   

She also has literally jaw dropping style and knows how to rock stilettos, leopard print and La Kaiser stacking rings!! Here is a glimpse into her world of blogging, fashion and family & how to flawlessly rock that 70's look (yes, you do have to subscribe to another Blog and follow her on Instagram, deal with it.)  

How did you get blogging? 

It was nine years ago and I was working in the digital space in new business development. I graduated with a journalism degree and I was truly craving a creative outlet for my writing. One night I opened up a blogging platform and just created a site and started journaling my opinions, thoughts and feelings during a particularly rough patch in my life. That was then and I've never stopped. It's a virtual diary of my life ranging from getting married to having babies, always fashion, to travel and parenting. It filled a huge void in my life with lovely people, friendships and collaborations that I am forever grateful for. 


Opal & Diamond Window Into Dreamland Pendant 
Moonstone & Diamond Horizon Ring 
Opal & Topaz Angel's Teardrop Ring 
Opal Angel's Arc Ring 
Rainbow Moonstone & Diamond Flowerburst Ring 


How would you describe your style?

It's really changed in the last year. I literally just purged my entire closet and have opted for quality over quantity. Goodwill and Poshmark have kept me very busy. I have completely gravitated towards a wardrobe of blacks and whites with an edgy, urban vibe. I'm not afraid of prints but neutrality and versatility are paramount. I don't take myself seriously as I am a Gemini thru and thru. 

Where is your fav place to shop in Chicago?

Hmmmm. Tough. I love Topshop. I love Eskell. I never tire of the Gucci store on Michigan and I am a big Zara frequenter. I am not heavy on one boutique but I love boutiques and shopping local. They all have a special personality.  These days, I spend most of my loot shopping online though. It's all about efficiency.

Tell us about your beauty routine - what beauty product are you currently obsessed with?

I can answer this! IT Cosmetics Cleansing Balm. It melts off your makeup without the drying effect. Just massage and wash the day off followed by any rose spray toner and IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Cream. Once a week I use Origins Clay Mask to suck out the toxins. I am a simple woman. But I ALWAYS wash my face!

How do you stay in shape?

I work out 5x's a week for 30-40 minutes. Weights interspersed with SPIN. It helps me stay sane; peace of mind.

How did you meet your husband?

Oh gosh. Long story but we met at a party when we were 18 and found out we were attending the same university. I tracked him down and fell in love with him but he wanted nothing to do with me. He was a slow learner. We got married in our 30's...see what I mean?

How do you balance working, blogging and being a mom?

I don't know that I balance as much as I cram! My best work is done in the evenings while I run to meetings, the office and shoots during the day. I don't sleep all that much but I am a night owl for life now. Conversely, I can get a lot done in the morning when the house is quiet. I guess you just have to know what can wait and what is a priority. 

How do you unwind after a crazy busy day?

I work out and I drink wine with my husband. All is right in the world.

Fav restaurant in Chicago? 


What are you binge watching? 

Second Season of This Is Us, Ozark and The Sinner.

Favorite travel destination / dream vacation?

Too many to list but right now: India, Greece and Croatia.

Favorite La Kaiser pieces? 

Hands down the stackable rings. I cannot get enough of all the gold pieces.



14kt Gold Pink Morganite & Diamond Butterfly Ring
14kt Gold Diamond Adele Ring 
14kt Gold Diamond Princess Elle Band 
14kt Gold Lilac Quartz & Diamond Aphrodite Shield Ring 


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