Our African Inspired Photoshoot in Zimbabwe!

December 28th 2017; At Mukuvuski Woodlands 

Photographer: Michelle Fortman Photography 

Our magical photo shoot under the African sun & in the wild bush amidst Giraffe, Zebra and Antelope. An amazing experience all around!

The day started early with pulling at least 5 different looks for our model; Leanna Blythewood. Once we had all the different wardrobe looks covered, make up artist - Kelli Milner  took over and got our model squared away with a gorgeous natural look.


We then all jumped in the back of the pick up truck and headed out to the photoshoot location in the Mukuvusi Woodlands. 




We drove around the woodlands till we stumbled upon the perfect location (filled with gorgeous Msasa trees, long dry grass and giraffe in the background!). We had a local guide accompany us during the shoot, as we were shooting in the wild with little wildlife experience (which isn't the safest thing to do!) 



Never easy getting the perfect shot - but our skilled team made is soenjoyable and it was smooth sailing throughout the day.




We had so much fun incorporating a few props into the shoot, like this teal colored vintage inspired ottoman. Who would expect a scene like this; out in the wilderness and in the middle of nowhere and you suddenly come across a gorgeous model adorned in jewelry and casually lying on an elegantly designed ottoman?!  The overall aesthetic of this particular shot was to emphasize contemporary yet classic design through all elements/setting and positioning.  



In typical "Zimbabwean-esque" manner; our guide and team members took turns to sit back, chill, crack open a beer and take in the beauty that lay in front of our eyes. Chilling under the shade of a large Msasa tree with a cold beer and cool breeze was definitely as refreshing as it sounds!!!



As dusk started to set in our photographer - Michelle Fortman - took full advantage of the magnificent golden hour that transcended. As the light started to disappear further, Michele used the light box to create the most magnificent shots with our model draped in sheer white cloth and standing amidst a fallen tree. A truly exhilarating, contemporary and unique shot. 



All of the photos from our African photo shoot were nothing short of amazing. Below are a few of my personal favorites. Thank you to the whole team for a fabulous day!!!!







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