Mothers Day Gift Guide Ideas- 2023

Are you looking for something special to buy your mother this Mother’s Day? Mother’s day is the perfect occasion to buy something that shows her how much you love and appreciate her. And no gift is better than a well thought-out piece of jewelry. Find the best gift for your mother this May with our Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

1. Solid Gold Birthstone Charms (starting at $35)

Charms are great gift to give any mother. They can be added to her favorite bracelet or necklace, a brand new chain, or can even add a new spark to an old piece of jewelry. Our birthstone gems are made of natural gemstones. By gifting her birthstone charms, it personalizes any gift to her and it signifies you really know your mom. Find your mother’s birthstone charm here. We like to pair this charm with our paperclip bracelet.


2. Initial Charms ($50)

Do you remember making charm bracelets and spelling out your mom’s name in plastic beads? Well, it’s time to upgrade. Like the Birthstone charm, the Initial Charm is a perfect gift because it adds a personalized touch to any bracelet or necklace. It might also remind your mother of a charm bracelet akin to one you might have given her as a child, except this time it’s solid gold!


3. 14k Solid Gold Lockets ($380)

Our Mini Heart Locket and Close To My Heart Diamond Locket are the perfect gifts for any mother! Put a picture of her loved ones inside and she will forever keep them close to her heart. Gift your mom this memorable, touching gift that she will carry around and wear everywhere!


4. Diamond Trio Ring ($249)

This diamond trio ring is perfect for any mother who likes simple, sleek, and timeless jewelry. This is a great gift if you’re not certain of your mother’s specific style, as any mother will appreciate this lovely simple design.


5. Daisy Pendant  ($260)

Skip the flower bouquet and instead gift her flowers that will last a lifetime! This Diamond Daisy Pendant is perfect for spring and is a unique way to gift your mother flowers for Mother’s Day. Make this cute pendant a part of your mother’s favorite jewelry items.


6. Forever Heart Hoops ($130)

Moms who appreciate the latest trends and styles will love these Forever Heart Hoops. Gift your mother this set of hearts as a way to show her how much love you have for her. The more hearts, the sweeter!



7. Mama Rings

Spell it out for her! Our 14kt Gold Diamond Heart Mama Ring and our 14kt Gold Moissanite Mama Ring in Morse Code is perfect for any mom who likes a little reminder of their mother title. 


Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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