Kristen Von Foxx and The Power of the Gemstone


Kristen Von Foxx is a shamanic healer and soul retrieval specialist. She blends indigenous healing rituals, astrology and creative arts therapies with psychotherapeutic techniques in her private practice. She assists clients who are burnt out, stuck in negative patterns and want to break out of old blocks to live in alignment with their power, passion and truth (um, we may need her everyday!) 

As a shamanic healer, astrologer and energy worker Kristen finds she gets the best results when she adds crystals to the mix in her healing sessions.

"I love precious gemstones and I have to admit they’re master healers and have done miraculous things for me and my healing clients in my practice. Not only are gemstones absolutely beautiful but they also have wonderful healing properties and can work wonders on the human body!"



ABOVE: Labradorite Solo Claw Ring and the Labradorite and Topaz Siren Ring 

"I love Labradorite because it’s the stone of the Shaman and of the Seer. It’s a really amazing stone for psychic protection and allows wanted to go into Meditation, Shamanic States of consciousness (i.e. journey states) and assists them in protecting their auric field as they do so. A lot of people use the stone for scribing which means if they look into it and ask questions and see the images that come up I can answer their questions."


ABOVE: Customized Tanzanite Savoy Ring and Customized Amethyst Sunrise Ring

"One of my favorite stones to work with is Amethyst. It’s a wonderful stone for opening up the higher Chakras from the Third Eye and the crown upwards. It’s a really great stone for offering protection to those working with it and I have found that even when my Third Eye's stuck, meaning I’ve been having trouble visioning for myself or for my clients, that just putting Amethyst on my Third Eye seems to open me up instantly." 


ABOVE: Gold Watermelon Tourmaline Frise Ring 

"Another one of my top favorite stones is Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline is the most common and popular of the tourmaline family but I also really love watermelon tourmaline because it’s absolutely beautiful and carries many of he same healing properties as black tourmaline. Tourmaline is a really great stone for psychic protection and it works differently from the other protection stones. Tourmaline is able to transmute energy so instead of absorbing it or taking it on it actually transforms it from anything negative and amplifies it with positive energy. This is my go-to stone for working on clearing negative energies from clients and assisting them in releasing the lower vibrational energy that can get stuck on even the nicest, kindest people." 


ABOVE: Opal and Topaz Angels Teardrop Ring and the Gold Open Diamond Ring  

"Another one of my favorite gemstones is Opal. Not only is it the gem stone for October, my birth month (hello Libras and Scorpios!) it’s also very good for helping to balance and soothe ones energies (which is very Libran)."   Kristen's Favorite La Kaiser Piece is the Opal & Diamond Butterfly Ring

"Crystals have been such wonderful partners in helping clear and heal my clients energies while I’m working on them. They’ve been great helpers because they’ve got their own healing talents. I place them on and around my clients while working with them and I usually throw a bunch in my healing pouch, in my bra, and try to wear the stones in jewelry because they keep working on you all the time that way."


Remember to clean your crystals every few weeks, especially if you’ve been going through a hard time and have been dealing with a lot of excess energy! Kristen recommends cleaning them with salt water, sage smoke or Palo Santo. Put them on your windowsill or on the earth around the full moon.


You can learn more about Kristen's healing practice and learn how to connect with your spirit guides through her free training series at Mention La Kaiser and get 10% off your next healing session!


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