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Sarah Bakeris a Chicago based certified plant-based nutrition and holistic health coach, wellness media personality, holistic business consultant, and the force behind the fabulous 

Sarah offers a complete guide to living a healthy and holistic lifestyle with ease, sass and balance! Through her plant based recipes, healthy lifestyle tips, natural beauty tips and remedies, holistic health guides Sarah supports, motivates and educates us on how to live a complete Balanced Babe lifestyle!

Not only is Sarah's own journey inspiring, her style is fabulous and her skincare routine impeccable! We can learn a lot from this Babe so we asked her as may questions as possible!

How did you get blogging?

I was living in Istanbul Turkey at the time working in the fashion industry and felt like I was at an all time low point. I've been modeling for 13 years at the point and had an unhealthy relationship with my body - smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, obsessing over what I ate, and not taking care of myself at all. I had an "ah-ha" moment while at a casting call when I was surrounded by a slew of women who were eyeing each other up and down competitively. There just wasn't any good vibes in the room (and for my personal experience, no good vibes in that whole industry). So I decided that day to rebel against my career and create a life for myself where I empowered other women and helped them be healthy and happy without all the pressure that's put on us by social media, society, and others we are around. The next day I decided to become a holistic nutrition and health coach and I started Balanced Babethat very moment!



How do you stay in shape?

Now that I'm pregnant I don't have the same routine as I did before - but I love taking Barre classes 2-3x a week, and I walk at LEAST 1.5 miles a day. I also try to eat as healthy as I can while still balancing out indulgences like chocolate chip cookies OMG - they're called Butter Bubba Cookies from Wholefoods - they are 60 calories each and freaking addicting! 

Tell us about your beauty routine - what beauty product are you currently obsessed with?

I turned to all natural products since I've become pregnant - the product lines I love (and they aren't only for pregnant women) - Seabuck Wonders face cream (I use it as an eye cream and LEGIT notice my fine lines going away) - Belli Beauty Skin care has an awesome line of anti-blemish products without harsh ingredients - Probulin has a probiotic infused skincare line that really calms my skin (I get red easily). Here's my daily routine:


Wash my face with Probulin face wash

Spot treat with Belli Beauty Skincare blemish treatment

Put Seabuck Wonders face cream on under my eyes

Massage in Juice Beauty antioxidant serum

Top with Belli Beauty lightweight moisturizer


I wash, spot treat, and use the same eye cream + serum - but I switch to an evening Hyaluronic acid gel from Passports to Organics. It REALLY hydrates my skin overnight and minimizes my pores.

For treatments I like using clay masks, Glycolic Peels to help with blemishes, wrinkles, and blemish scars, or a hydrating Popolis Honey mask from LATHER.

How did you meet your husband?

One of my best friends worked with him and he invited her to a 4th of July party. She and I were discussing plans and she mentioned that her coworker was having a 4th gathering and that "I might think he's cute". I was like GIRL you've known me for 10+ years and just now you are telling me that about someone you've worked with for 5 years?! So I had her give him my number and he persuaded me to go on a date with him that same day - and the rest is history!

How is the wedding planning going? - give us a few details! 

Well I locked in the venue and the date WAY in advance (we are planning a July 2019 wedding), and I'm currently on the hunt for food, decor, and a live band. I want a secret garden theme and envision a ton of botanicals everywhere!

Favorite restaurant in Chicago? 

OMG I don't even know where to begin! I'm just going to create a list:

Favorite travel destination / dream vacation?

Hands down Thailand! It's such an amazing place and a holistic health mecca!

Sarah Wears:
Diamond Trio Ring
Solo Diamond Ring
Diamond Trio Studs
Diamond Trio Pendant 

Balanced Babe has been featured in Refinery 29, Nylon Magazine, Mind Body Green, Glossed & Found, Good Day Chicago FOX News, WGN Mid-Day News, Windy City Live ABC, WCIU You & Me This Morning and more!

With all that she is currently working on PLUS getting married and having a baby (this girl is amazing!) Sarah took the time to share her expert lifestyle tips with us! So all you La Kaiser babes...  you now know where to go to get that epic inner glow!
IG: @balanced_babe 

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