Collaboration with Illustrator Alexandra Bertakis

"All Things Gold and Radiant" 


Chicago based Illustrator Alexandra Bertakis blends her love for fashion and design with her passion for playfully capturing the strength and beauty of the female form. She presents us with eye catching illustrations of colorfully chic femininity, weaving in a little mystery and a lotta sass ;)  



Inspired by the whole La Kaiser Collection, and applying her skillful use of shape and color, Ali created for us the perfect Chicago dreamscape full of rings, romance and sparkle.  But before we get to that.... 

When did you start drawing and what did you start drawing?

I l have been drawing since I can remember. I think my first muses were actually horses (crazy horse lover as a kid). But by grade school I remember having the desire to sketch everything and anything- from portraits of family members to blueprint designs of my dream kitchen. It was in my second year of college where I really started to find wonder and adoration of sketching the human anatomy and I think that was what started the path that I’m on today. I began to invest more time into anatomy. Within another year of experimentation and wandering at Savannah College of Art and Design,  I developed a fascination and marvel for the beauty of the feminine figure. I eventually infused my love for fashion and illustrating and it has been an evolving journey since. I’ve focused here while exploring in different avenues, applying my designs to custom prints, stationery, logos, advertisements, and murals. 


Where do you get your inspiration from?

I pull inspiration from so many platforms so it’s hard to choose one. From a gleam radiating out of a jeweled ring, to the textured appliqué on a Marchesa gown, to the wispy hairstyle seen in a Vogue Magazine, to the curvature from a typographic heading on an invitation, I pull snippets and styles to formulate ideas, themes and compositions. 

What is your favorite thing to draw?

Women and all the glorious components within the feminine world. It’s a fascination and wonder to see how women can hold such sophistication, glamour, delicacy and strength all at once. I always long to reiterate those exquisite traits in my figures. I accompany these muses of mine with fashion, nature, and city life scenes to create ambiance’s that reiterate the spunky, adventurous, always entertaining life of young women. 

When you are not drawing, what are you mainly doing?

Something that relates to food or fashion. I absolutely love cooking, baking, and venturing out to new restaurants in the city to explore new cuisines and dining experiences. When I’m not doing that I’m browsing the city shop windows and flipping through the latest and greatest releases of designer collections. 

What is your favorite way to relax?

There is nothing more soothing to me than being by the water. I grew up on a lake and it was always my go-to for unwinding and calming my mind. Whether I’m sitting on the shore or waisting a day away in the sunshine on a boat, the water will always hold a special release and ease.

Favorite thing about living in Chicago?

Every day I wake up to see something, someone or someplace that I did not see the day before. I cherish the wonder and surprise of the city, with an endless possibility to spruce up the liveliness of your day, wherever and whenever. 


Favorite place to shop?

That’s a tough one... But I would have to choose Revolve. I go weak in the knees every time I open their new arrivals page :/  

What can't you live without?

Curl cream, Luna and Louie my sweet pups, Joe Malone’s Myrrh & Tonka Perfume, olives, and of course my amazing family.

Its summer - what are you excited to wear?

I’m beyond thrilled to finally pull out the summer dresses and anything white. I know summer is all about colors but white is my favorite to wear.

AND FINALLY! Favorite La Kaiser pieces? 

(Featured and Ali's own) The 14KT Gold Opal and Diamond Ice Queen Ring

The Opal and Diamond Wing Ear Climbers

The Labradorite and Diamond Silver Linings Pendant

Ali's illustration captures the soft, delicate romantic tones of the 'made in Chicago' La Kaiser Collection.  We are honored to have worked with such a talented and committed artist who's own sparkle and radiance can be seen in everything she draws!    

 Want to see more by Ali and have her draw something beautiful for you?! Here's her website: 



Product Photography by Jenni Dowie 

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