An Interview with Dessert Designer Kitty Waters

Nashville based Dessert Designer Kitty Waters has a Phd in Genetics and loves a good murder mystery. She took her passion for baking, art, creativity, and weddings into a successful business establishing "Oh Crumbs Bakery" in 2014. Kitty brings cake design to a whole new level!! ... with exquisite precision and detail, playful and artful design, she is clearly a perfectionist of all things sweet and loves what she does. 

How did you get into cake design?

Like many bakers, I started my business in home home after I discovered the exciting medium of cake for art while making birthday cakes for my children. The guests at our family parties were very complimentary and as my reputation spread and my skills progressed, people I didn’t know started asking me to make cakes for them! That’s when I thought I might have something here, and applied for the license and started taking clients!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Everywhere! Many cakes are standard tiered cakes with decorations that match a theme, but sometimes I carve the cake or chocolate into the shape of anything. I love incorporating techniques from other mediums, from pottery, jewelry, watercolor, architecture, or nature into my cakes.  

What is your favorite type of cake to make?

Wedding cakes are wonderful because the occasion is so momentous. I feel privileged to be involved in my clients’ special day and know that the cake has ceremonial as well as artistic significance. The flavors can be really interesting too. 

I also love love love gravity defying 3D cakes that look like something other than cake. You may have seen these on TV sometimes, when a cake looks like a turtle or a dinosaur, for example. I find the structure and decorating not only interesting, but I know whomever sees the cake will remember it. These are not your average desserts!

Most extravagant cake design you have done? 

Probably my Floating Sphere cake. It had three spheres of cake that were enrobed in marbled fondant and had sugar flowers twisting around them.  It was really tall (over 4 feet) and was a real showstopper.

What's been the longest time take to complete a cake?

Sugar flowers and decoration often take much longer than I anticipate.  I spent more than 40 hours on some of more intricate cakes.

How do you balance work and family?  

I’m still learning how to do that, as it’s a constant juggling act with three little ones. I try to be as efficient with my time as possible. I try to have some time to myself doing non-business stuff, but that has sometimes been the hardest part to accomplish. There have been many many times when I am burning the candle at both ends and running non fumes, but most of the time I feel it is still worth it.

Do you have a 'cake team'?

When I have a particularly big order or busy week, my sister Suzy, who is a trained artist and has helped me from the beginning of this cake adventure, will come and help me. Usually I’m a one-woman Show!

What is your favorite way to relax? 

Running, listening to podcasts and audio books, and scanning Pinterest for my next inspiration for cake are wonderful times for me!

What is your beauty regime?

I use simple Cetaphil face soap and make a paste with baking soda for a scrub. My friend who is a makeup artist and aesthetician helped me choose some moisturizers, since I was using the wrong stuff without realizing it. And sunscreen.  

Favorite place to shop in Tennessee? 

I love kitchen shops, like Pottery Barn. For clothes I love Talbots and Ann Taylor.  

If its your birthday… who makes your cake?!

Me! I started this whole thing because I didn’t like the cakes I found around me to buy for my kids’ birthday. And I love trying out new flavors, so if it’s for me, I can really go experiment!

Favorite La Kaiser Piece? 

Hmmmm. Do I really have to choose? I love opals; they remind me of my mother.  There are several pieces in the collection currently that remind me of a family heirloom too, with a star theme. I love the Opal & Diamond Dolce Vita Studs!


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