A compilation of all our handmade layering pendants and necklaces with colorful and iridescent gemstones, this is our full collection of both fine and everyday pendants. Comprising gold, rose gold, and sterling silver necklaces with opals, moonstones, and an array of other gemstones, these layering pendant necklaces are perfect from day to night.


These layering pendants are perfect for any occasion and can be styled in any way you like! Several of these pieces were inspired by the cosmos and feature gemstones in the shape of the moon, sun, or stars. If you are looking for something different, we also have a variety of layering pendants in the shape of some of our favorite flora and fauna. Our sunflower necklaces are the perfect accessory for your summer wear.


While these handmade pendants look good independently, we like to pair them with our favorite earrings or ring stacks. These necklaces can also pair together to create an entirely unique look. Shop our selection of handmade layering pendants at La Kaiser today!

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