Sundays with Elizabeth Karam


When the the super stylish Chicago based interior designer Elizabeth Karam strolled into the La Kaiser studio we couldn't let her get away without knowing more about what she does and what she loves! We also made sure she left with some epic finger bling which is just what we do ;)    



Elizabeth works at a hospitality interiors firm that specializes in hotel design:

"To me, my industry in an amazing blend of art and functionality – we get to create beautiful spaces that are both experiential and functional for our clients and end users. The world of hospitality is especially exciting because of how creative we get to be."  


Q. What's your favorite Sunday brunch spot?

A. I must say, I’m not a huge Sunday Bruncher. But if I need a cure from the weekend, I’m going to Roost.  


Q. Give us your best Self-Care Sunday tip. 

A. I dance at Mazi here in Chicago and nothing makes me feel better than a dance class Sunday mornings.  


Q. What is in your online shopping cart right now?

A. Besides the obnoxious items for my sister’s bachelorette party, nothing I can think of!? Which is shocking.


Q. Anything you're binge watching this weekend? 

A. I am binge watching The Office, always.


Q. What's your favorite La Kaiser stack? 

A. My brand new (and first) La Kaiser stack which is the Angels Arc Ring (we had Elizabeth's Ring made in solid 14K Gold with white Topaz) over my Claddagh ring. They go together beautifully!






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