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Our favorite pendants, perfect for layering

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You layer your clothing in the fall, your skincare products in the cold, so why not layer your jewelry? Don't worry, we're here to help. We've put together a list of our favorite necklaces for layering to get that effortless chic look that everyone is wanting. The great thing about layering is that the pieces can be worn separately for a cleaner look and together to create a bolder statement.                    




Perhaps our most popular duo, we always love this classic layering look.

The Solo Diamond pendant is the perfect every day, while adding the 3 Wishes pendant

really adds a unique twist. 






14KT Gold Solo Diamond Pendant, $180

3 Wishes Opal & Diamond Pendant, $115








What's more chic than simplistic black diamond pendants?

Two of them layered together - we're loving this look. 






14KT Gold Black Diamond Curve Pendant, $330

Salt & Pepper And Black Diamond Galaxy Pendant, $350







Yea, we're obsessed this look, and we think you will be too.

Though they're two separate pieces, they were almost made to go together! 






 14KT Gold Labradorite & Diamond Drop Pendant, $290

14KT Gold Opal & Diamond Wishbone Pendant, $320








We love this splash of femininity with simplistic diamonds, opals, and pink sapphires.

It's perfect for anyone looking for subtle hints of color. 



14KT Gold Solo Diamond Pendant, $180

14KT Gold Diamond Trio Pendant, $310

14KT Gold Pink Whisper Pendant, $475

       14KT Gold Tanzanite & Opal Rainbow Curve Pendant, $525







Bold statement pieces are better together, right? We think so.
Pairing these together for some added energy. 





Labradorite & Diamond Silver Linings Pendant, $130

Rainbow Moonstone & Black Garnet Cascade Pendant, $140






 Have your head in the stars? So do we. If you're always reading your love horoscope aloud to your friends, this layering look is definitely for you - it may even bring you luck.





14KT Gold Diamond Stardust Pendant,  $280

14KT Gold Eternal Diamond Love Pendant, $330

 14KT Gold Diamond Cascade Pendant, $341




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