The Crystal Edge Collection

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Our latest collection titled "The Crystal Edge Collection" is definitely my favorite collection so far. I had so much fun designing this collection and making the prototypes :) I was definitely going through a little "punk/ rock" stage in my life (which is very unusual for me!!). I was inspired by several trends that have been very visible during fashion weeks at the start of 2014, such as geometric shapes like pyramids and chevrons. I wanted the collection to be a little edgy, but at the same time remain very minimalistic and simple/classic . This led to the creation of basic geometric shapes with a sprinkling of Swarovski Crystals. The crystals added that 'glamourous punk edge' touch that I was looking for, so it was definitely a success for me with regards to design :) I decided to use gold bronze as the base metal in most of the designs, so as to keep the price point more affordable. However, certain items are made up of solid sterling silver too. The very labour intensive part of this collection is applying the tiny Swarovski crystals by hand. I have to use excellent lighting, a tiny tweezer and a very strong epoxy resin to complete this final stage of each piece. A very laborsome task, but strangely enough I do find it very therapeutic (luckily!!).


Cindy Kaiser