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All That Glitters....

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A book, a record, a ring, a dress.... with a magic that far out shines their material worth, objects of the past remind us of places we have never been; the things we have yet to do. They are the prelude to another story; to another time....tales that glitter through the dust.


Brandie has THE most beautiful Collection of Vintage dresses, Babushka lady tattoos and "I can create my own wind spiral" Pocahontas hair. I also can't quite figure out whether she just emerged from a Victorian Novel or danced off the stage with Fred Astaire... 







She has no style icon because she doesn't need one! ... retro chic and old Hollywood glam ....in opal, in diamond, in glitter, in gold...in shadow and light  ...timelessly elegant and effortlessly romantic. 













Rose Gold looks radiant with gemstones such as Moonstone, Morganite, opals, Blue Topaz.... and of course diamonds! With its unique femininity and warmth it became extremely popular during the playfully colorful 1920s (Cartier and his Trinity Ring), and then again during the bold statement “Retro Era” between 1935 and 1950s (Fourtane and the Retro Rose Gold Cuff Bracelet 

A sentimental piece of jewelry I have is a sapphire ring that was my great grandmother's -I wear it everyday. She was a classy lady with only the finest of things, and I love the intricate details of this piece that was once worn by her.


My favorite vintage piece I own is an Albert Nipon dress. When I bought the dress, the woman who owned the vintage store had just picked it up at an estate sale and knew it would go fast! 

The record collection I now have was actually originally my parent's. They both loved music and acquired crates full of records together. When I was growing up, we would spend evenings and weekends together going through the collection, choosing a record to put on, blaring the music, and dancing around the house.


Those have always been some of my favorite childhood memories, and as I've grown up I still love those old records. My favorite singer/group out of the collection would have to be Led Zeppelin. While they are iconic to the point of almost being cliche, there's a reason for that - their music is brilliant and timeless.


Model: Brandie Clark (AKA "Should be on Every Cover of Vintage Vogue"
Currently listening to: Tenniscoats LP
La Kaiser Love: Labradorite & Black Spinel Crown Ring



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